Broadband Services

Aero provides service infrastructure to Broadband service providers and private networks across the U.S. Together with our network and service partners, we offer network services and operations support for your telecom. Our network covers all the metro markets in the U.S., and offers competitive pricing in regional markets and several states including Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The fiber and microwave network maps (coming soon) show were Aero provides backbone, access and Broadband services across the U.S. In most rural markets, Aero offers quad play services including; Internet Access, Voice over IP, IP Television, and 4G/LTE Mobile services for business and residential customers.

Aero offers the following carrier class Broadband services:

  • Ethernet Services: Industry leading Ethernet transport services including VPN, QOS, encryption, management for mission critical applications with bandwidths from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.
  • Broadband Access: Economical last mile access solutions via fiber, microwave, and Ethernet over copper technologies and satellite.
  • Internet Access: Dedicated and shared Internet access services based on company and community needs.
  • Fixed Wireless Access: WiFi, WiMAX, and TV White Space access for government, business, and residential subscribers.
  • Cellular Service: 3G and 4G LTE cellular services for communities, stadiums, campus, or industrial needs.
  • Public Safety Services: Public-Private networks serving towns and communities with unique public safety features including priority-calling, crime alerts, public safety alerting, cell-broadcast, video surveillance technologies , and other applications derived from Military, NSA, and government programs.
  • Cloud Based Services including; VoIP residential services, VoIP PBX services for government and businesses, video conferencing, telemedicine, distance education, ala carte IPTV, content hosting, disaster recovery, custom applications for government, institutions, and businesses.